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Communities Are Built By People

We are moving towards an age where health is not an afterthought. Where self-care is replacing the “only fix it if it’s broken” mindset. It’s an age where people are empowered and responsible for their own health. Of course this ownership requires more information and critical thinking. And it only works if the information isn’t held by a select few.

Wellistic is building a community to empower its members with the knowledge of the collective. Where your voice matters and your opinions are sought out. It’s a chance to build out your own health team that is in your corner to ensure you and your family’s optimal health. As we move from a “sickness” to a “wellness” mindset, Wellistic is your go-to source for better health for your family.

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Where Technology Helps

After exploring where the market fell short, the Wellistic team set its sights on fixing the four key areas to improve your wellness experience:
  • Build an “All-Inclusive” Integrative Health and Wellness Community.
    Removing the walls between traditional and alternative care.
  • Improve the Search Experience.
    No ads. Get where you want to go quicker. Your health deserves a better experience.
  • Read Meaningful Reviews.
    Real quality reviews help not only other members, but also the business in improving their service to you.
  • Trust the Reviews You Read.
    Read reviews from people you know not just strangers.
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Our Passion for Better Wellness

In this digital age, why is it hard to find trusted service providers especially for ones as important as our health and wellness? Healthcare reviews are hard to come by, and more often than not you have to sift through a lot of negativity to get the simple answer you’re looking for. So we set out to make it easier. One platform that ties traditional medical practices to alternative options — health coaches next to psychologists, acupuncturists next to primary care physicians, so that you can find the most well-rounded healthcare experience for you!

In addition, we expanded the definition of health and wellness to include all areas of your life. Wellistic now makes it easy to find your next wellness business like fitness centers, yoga, pilates, barre, boxing gyms, dance workouts, smoothie bars, sports gear, and much, much more.