10 Relationship Tips for Happy Couples

10 Relationship Tips for Happy Couples

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We all know them – those couples who seem to spend every waking moment together and yet are somehow, still blissfully happy! You might wonder how these happy couples maintain their relationships through the trials and tribulations that life can bring. Well, look no further! We’ve compiled the top ten relationship tips for happy couples to give you some pointers on how to improve your relationship and achieve lasting love!

1. Laugh Together

Sharing a sense of humor is a common trait that unites many happy couples. After all, life can be tough, and there’s no better way to shrug off the stress than a good chuckle with your significant other. Laughing together may be a good predictor of long-term relationship health. Statistically, couples who often laugh together have a much higher chance of relationship survival than those who do not—added to this, relationship experts counsel that approaching difficult relationship moments with humor can lead to greater resilience and feelings of togetherness among couples. Takeaway advice – make the most of those funny, happy couple moments!

2. Communication Is Key

If you were to ask happy couples how to keep your relationship healthy, many would say the same thing: communication is key! Routinely and honestly sharing your thoughts and feelings with your partner leads to a sense of fulfillment in relationships. Your partner gets to feel that you trust them and is allowed to support you. Meanwhile, you feel loved and supported, and you develop deeper trust with each other.

3. Learn to Accept Each Other

Acceptance is often a choice in happy couples, rather than something you necessarily feel naturally. You’re never going to see eye to eye with your partner on everything or share all of the same hobbies and interests. You might even find something your partner wants to do stupid or embarrassing from time to time. When looking for a relationship, it’s tempting to search for your perfect match who loves the same things as you on online dating sites. However, even if you were to find that perfect match, people change, and you and your partner are not going to have everything in common forever. Instead of making your partner feel judged, choose to keep an open mind. This will help your partner feel passionate and excited about their interests, which is great for your relationship.

4. Always Treat Each Other With Respect

One of the major predictors of divorce, even in seemingly happy couples, is when partners are disrespectful to each other. Key signs of disrespect are failure to listen to each other or resorting to insults and one-up-man-ship during fights. A great happy couple achievement is to learn to argue respectfully. Talk to each other about what you find hurtful and agree on which subjects are off the table when it comes to fights. If you do need to discuss these things, wait until you’re calm and do so in a considerate and supportive manner. Remember, happy couples fight, but they’re always on the same team.

5. Acknowledge Each Other’s Feelings

Nothing kills love in a relationship faster than feeling lonely or ignored when you’re with your partner. If you routinely find yourself being ignored by your partner or feel that they do not make time for you, bring this to their attention. However, if you voice your feelings and they dismiss you or shift the blame onto you, it might be time to reconsider the relationship. This is one behavior that can make even happy couples break up.

6. Use Loving Language

Happy couples are generally kind and loving when they communicate with each other. Relationship experts note that one of the major happy couple tips they give out in therapy is to change the language that you use with one another. As time goes by, it’s easy to fall into habits of snapping or criticizing. Take a step back from this and work on using positive, rather than critical, language. If you want to find out more about your partner’s specific love language, try using a happy couple relationship quiz online.

7. Appreciate Your Partner

Although relationships can seem long when you spend every day together, constantly remind yourself that life is short and precious. You’re not guaranteed a long life with your partner, and it’s always good to reflect on this and to consciously appreciate everything they do for you. People in happy couples also remember to express their gratitude verbally to make their partner feel loved.

8. Enjoy Your Alone Time, and Respect Theirs

Happy couples build a life together but do not spend every waking moment in each other’s company. Instead, people in strong relationships allow each other plenty of alone time and respect each other’s boundaries. Don’t take it personally, or sulk if your partner asks to spend time alone. Use this time to enrich your passions, as this will help you feel secure and independent in your relationship.

9. Play to Your Strengths

A common misconception is that happy couples must split chores, like housework, equally. This is not the case. If you’re wondering how a busy, happy couple with a baby refrain from killing each other, they probably play to their strengths. For example, if one partner finds housework relaxing and the other finds it stressful, it makes sense for the person who likes it to do the most. This works, as long as the other partner also brings something to the table. They may hate doing housework, but they may take care of all the life admin – like renewing driving licenses or chatting with the bank – which the other hates.

10. Choose Forgiveness and Don’t Hold Grudges

Happy couples have fights and disagreements just like everybody else, but they stop resentment from building up by actively choosing to forgive each other when they’re hurt. Although it is not always simple or easy, a truly happy couple will try hard to let go of bitterness and will not hold past hurts against each other. Remember, we’re all human, and making mistakes is part of being in relationships.

Are you in a long-term relationship? How do you ensure that you stay happy and fulfilled in your partnership? Do you use any of these relationship tips? Think your relationship needs more repair? Find a relationship counselor near you.

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