10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

10 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

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When it comes to summertime activities, most kids are so excited to be going to the pool or heading out for a bike ride that they may forget to take necessary safety precautions. Wearing a bike helmet, bringing a water bottle and wearing a life jacket are just a few examples of safety precautions that are necessary when it comes to summer activities. Whether you are heading to the playground to play on the swings or are going for a hike in the woods, there are simple steps you can take to keep your kids safe and healthy all summer long.

The thrill of summer vacation is apparent in every child, as kids run to the playground, soccer field or the neighborhood pool to play with friends. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to take necessary safety measures, like washing your hands and wearing sunscreen. While summertime is a magical time for most children, outdoor activities come with increased risks. Even just playing in the back yard requires a few proactive measures, like drinking enough water and wearing insect repellant. Parents and guardians should be aware of the risk factors involved with common summertime activities, such as hiking, biking and swimming. Here are a few tips on keeping your kids safe this summer.

1. Bring a First Aid Kit

You can find compact first aid kids at most convenience and grocery stores, making it easier than ever to carry around necessary first aid items. Be sure to include bandages, disinfectant wipes, antibiotic ointment and allergy medication in case of an emergency.

2. Wash Hands Frequently

A little dirt never hurts, and getting outside may actually improve kids’ immune systems. However, playing in the creek or making mud pies can also increase the risk of contamination. Encourage children to wash their hands after playing outside or before returning home from outdoor activity.

3. Drink Enough Water

Sometimes kids are so busy playing that they forget to stay hydrated! Especially in hot and humid regions, kids can suffer from heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. Prevent dehydration and keep kids feeling energized throughout the day by drinking enough water. It has its own amazing benefits too!

4. Wear a Bike Helmet

There is nothing better than a bike ride when the weather is nice. However, it is essential that you teach your kids to use proper bike safety, including wearing a bike helmet. Even if they are only riding down the neighborhood street to a friend’s house, a bike helmet should always be worn.

5. Use Sun Protection

Unfortunately, many of us don’t start thinking about skin care until it’s too late. Be proactive about protecting your kids’ skin by using proper sun protection. If you would rather not use conventional sunscreens, opt for reef-safe alternatives that are less likely to do environmental damage.

6. Prevent Water Accidents

Drowning incidents among children are more common than they should be, and even children who know how to swim are at risk. Prevent water accidents by teaching your kids about water safety, monitoring activity around pools and other water and learning how to perform CPR.

7. Check for Ticks

Ticks and other insects are always more common in the summer, with warmer temperatures and more kids outside. Ticks can be dangerous because they can spread Lyme disease. If you live in an area that experiences regular tick activity, consider using safe insect repellants, wearing long pants when hiking through the woods, and teaching kids to check for ticks after playing outside.

8. Prevent Playground Injuries

During the summer months, playground-related injuries are one of the most common reasons for a trip to the ER. While it can be tons of fun to hang upside down on the monkey bars, remind your kids to practice playing safely, and being aware of how to prevent injuries.

9. Wear a Life Jacket

Even for kids who can swim, it is important to wear a life jacket if you are going out on the water. Whether you plan to go boating on the lake or take up ocean kayaking, it is vital that your kids wear a life jacket. Educate your kids on the importance of wearing a life jacket, and show them how to properly wear a jacket.

10. Exercise Fire Safety

Grilling hot dogs, fireworks and roasting marshmallows are some of the most quintessential summer activities, but they require extra safety, especially when kids are around. Make sure kids are aware of the danger of burns, and to follow proper safety protocols around fireworks and bonfires.

Being Safe and Having Fun

Staying safe this summer doesn’t mean you have to limit your kids’ fun! In fact, preventing injuries and taking necessary precautions helps keep the fun going, ensuring that everyone is being proactive about injury prevention, sun care and fire safety. Taking proactive safety measures keeps you and your family happy and healthy, all summer long.

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