A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Medicine

A Beginner’s Guide to Energy Medicine

Understanding Specialties and Conditions
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Energy medicine may sound like an abstract concept to those who have no idea what it is, but it isn’t as complicated or far-reaching as it sounds. The truth is, that this less common and less known type of alternative therapy can be beneficial to people experiencing a variety of health conditions.

Energy medicine, energy healing, or energy therapies, are based on the core principle that a subtle, life force energy exists in all living things. Changes in this energy are believed to affect health and promote healing. By using energy to treat symptoms and disease, a state of balance can be achieved.

The idea of life energy

For centuries, many cultures around the world have believed in the existence of a life force or energy. Known by a variety of names such as chi, prana, spirit, ether, bio-cosmic energy, and more, it is believed that this energy can be blocked or imbalanced, which leads to illness and disease. The aim of energy medicine then, is to balance the life force energy in a person, which in turn leads to healing. Ultimately, in energy medicine, it is believed that health is determined by the overall flow and balance of life energy.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine uses two classifications to differentiate proven energy from the unproven.

Verifiable energy includes measurable and scientifically proven energy entities such as: sound energy, electromagnetic energy, magnetism, and monochromatic radiation. Traditional doctors regularly use verifiable energy in medical procedures such as MRIs, lasers used in surgery, and radiation therapy. They do not use unverifiable energy.
Unverifiable energy is energy that is not measurable with current technology and has the possibility to not exist. Unverifiable energy therapies are provided by alternative medicine practitioners and include a wide range of treatment types. In the next section, we’ll explore the modalities that reflect this idea of life energy.

Types of energy medicine

Though life force energy is not measurable by modern science, it is the core understanding of health and healing that energy therapies have in common. Anything from touch therapies, movement therapies, and homeopathy, to magnetic field therapy, meditation, and light therapy, affect a person’s internal or external energy. Energies in different forms are transmitted and changed through these therapies to promote healing.

In the realm of energy medicine, many types of therapies exist. Some examples of popular energetic touch therapies include:

Therapeutic touch
Polarity therapy
Chinese massage

Some common energetic movement therapies include:

T’ai chi

Other more broad types of energy therapies includde:

Spiritual healing
Music Therapy
Sound energy therapy
Electromagnetic field therapy
Chakra balancing

What can energy medicine help treat?

Many of the energy healing therapies mentioned above are used in treating symptoms of numerous illnesses and have therapeutic benefits like reducing pain, anxiety, and fatigue.

Some common conditions people may seek out energy medicine for include:

Mood disorders
Pain (arthritis, migraines, backaches, etc.)

What should I know before seeking out energy medicine?

Maybe you’re curious about energy healing and are eager to try it out for yourself. Some things to keep in mind before launching your search are:

  1. Energy healing treatments are noninvasive and are generally considered to be safe.

  2. You don’t have to be spiritual to benefit from energy healing.

  3. Energy healing is becoming more and more accessible, just have an open mind and discover the numerous varieties of treatment modalities energy medicine has to offer.

  4. Energy medicine should be used as a complementary treatment option and can be combined with traditional medical practices– just ask your healthcare practitioner about what options can help you best!

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