Can Desk Treadmills Really Help You Get Work Done?

Can Desk Treadmills Really Help You Get Work Done?

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With many of us returning to the office these days, it’s important to find a way to continue staying physically active throughout the day. While working from home, it was easier to sneak in a quick workout before, after, or even during your work schedule. But in the office, it can be a little trickier to find the time.

But there’s a solution. Whether working from home or back in the office, using a treadmill desk is an incredibly effective way to help you stay active while remaining productive and focused. Countless workers in a variety of fields have fallen in love with the simplistic design and effectiveness of a treadmill desk. Studies even suggest that using a treadmill desk can boost your overall physical and mental health.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at this innovative device and exploring the many benefits of using a treadmill desk. We also learn how a desk treadmill can actually help you get even more work done and stay productive during your day.

What is a Treadmill Desk?

If you’ve never used one before, the product itself may seem a bit unusual. And that’s because it is. As the name suggests, a treadmill desk seamlessly combines a traditional desk and a treadmill so that you can stay active while getting work done.

Treadmill desks are easy to set up and adjustable so that you can find the perfect positioning for what makes you feel most comfortable. It’s all about finding a rhythm that sets you at ease so that you can remain focused and productive while burning calories throughout your day. Many offices throughout the United State have begun incorporating treadmill desks (and other office wellness products) to improve company morale and to help their employees stay healthy.

6 Benefits of a Treadmill Desk

Burning calories and staying active during your workday, that’s certainly the most noticeable benefit to using a treadmill desk. But many people are surprised to learn about the various other benefits to using this popular office wellness product.

Here are some of the additional benefits of a treadmill desk:

  • Promotes healthy weight: rising obesity rates in this country have led to a litany of health problems, such as cardiovascular disease (which is the leading cause of death in the United States). Burning calories during your day (even gradually with light to moderate exercise) can help you maintain a healthy body weight that will, in turn, offer a range of positive health benefits.
  • Reduces stress: sadly, it’s all too common to easily get stressed our while in the office (or even while working from home). But luckily, using a desk treadmill can actually help to reduce your stress levels. This can help you stay calm, focused, and get more work done during the day.
  • Improves your mood: treadmill desks can not only make you look better, but also feel better during your day. Regular exercise works to boost your overall mood and can even decrease anxiety and stress by releasing endorphins. And we all know that when you feel better, it’s that much easier to get quality work accomplished.
  • Lowers your blood pressure: high blood pressure can lead to a variety of health problems, including a range of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Increases creativity: creative problem solving is one of the most valuable skills in the workplace these days. However, when enduring a sedentary lifestyle day in and day out, it can become harder and harder to tap into that creativity. Studies have shown that participants have improved creativity when engaged in light to moderate exercise. This is why using a desk treadmill can be the perfect solution for unlocking your creative potential for work or personal projects.
  • Lowers your risk of type-2 diabetes: type-2 diabetes is on the rise in the United States. This common health problem can lead to additional, serious complications, including nerve damage, kidney disease, cardiovascular issues, and even eye and skin damage.

Can Treadmill Desks Really Help You Get Work Done?

Believe it or not, but using a treadmill desk can not only help you burn calories, but it can also make you more productive throughout your day. Talk about the best of both worlds. Recent research conducted by the University of Minnesota analyzed the effects of using a treadmill during your workday. The results showed that the participants focus and productivity improved even after using the desk treadmill for a short amount of time.

Additionally, used over a longer period of time, treadmill desks can make a noticeable positive impact on one’s physical and mental health. Thus, the results seem clear in this initial study: staying active during the day can help you get work done.


Are you tired of sitting at a desk for work roughly eight hours a day? If so, it’s not just all in your head. Sitting all day leads to a sedentary lifestyle, one where you barely move or burn calories throughout your day. Over time, this can have negative impacts on both your physical and mental health. A sedentary lifestyle can cause weight gain, increase your risk of cardiovascular health problems, and even certain types of cancer. A lack of movement and exercise can also hurt your mental health as the sedentary lifestyle can lead to more stress and anxiety. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to stay active while staying productive?

Guess what? There is. Using a desk treadmill at work is an effective and surprisingly simply method for burning calories while getting your work done. Since light to moderate exercise actually helps you focus and can boost memory and creativity, many people find that using a desk treadmill actually helps them get more quality work done throughout their day. Not only that, but you’re also avoiding the pitfalls of a sedentary lifestyle and contributing to a healthier and happier lifestyle. What more could you ask for?

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