How to Stay Healthy at Home During Quarantine

How to Stay Healthy at Home During Quarantine

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As it is already globally known, we are going through a pandemic called COVID-19, which changed our daily, weekly, monthly, and year-round plans. We are all waiting for the day when a possible vaccine or treatment is discovered in order to end this pandemic and we hope that we can return to our previous lives since this “new normal” is increasingly difficult to adapt and accept.

However, we can also see the positive in these difficult times. We can spend more time with the people we love, create beautiful memories at home, do DIY activities, learn to say, “I love you” more, and be thankful for the good and bad that we have since many people do not have that opportunity.

It is very important to take the appropriate measures and create healthy habits that help us stay happy and safe while we are stuck indoors. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy at home during quarantine.

1. Boost your mental health

Not only must we have a strong immune system, but it is very important to also start with our mental health. If our mental health is affected by this lockdown, it can create sleep problems, anxiety, and stress, which can affect everyone around you. This is why it is the perfect time to learn to meditate or start with your meditation techniques.

By meditating you can feel more relieved and you can create a positive atmosphere in your home or any space. You will sleep better and you will enjoy more of these complicated times because it will be easier to see everything from a positive perspective. This can be a great activity that can be done with your family, with children, or individually. The only thing you need is a quiet space without interruptions. You can do it in your backyard, in your room, on your porch, etc. Look for guided meditations if it is your first time meditating; this will help you have a starting point.

Another way to protect your mental health is to avoid too much information that is negative, or negative data from COVID-19. Program your devices to receive positive news about COVID-19 if you want to keep up to date with the news, or just simply consider avoiding the news as this causes concern, stress, and even paranoia.

After taking care of your mental health it is important to create activities that benefit your mental health and also your body. Don’t stay in bed or on the couch watching Netflix all day. Maintain your routine as you normally would. Take a shower, have a hot bath or get in the jacuzzi, put on the clothes you like the most, fix your hair, do your makeup or consider a daily skincare routine. You should start your day with a good breakfast then exercise. Not because you need to have a fit body, but because this helps reduce stress and create more happiness hormones. You can do yoga, cardio, dance, or whatever moves you and keeps you in a good mood.

Follow your daily routine, and if you lack activities, you can always set goals to learn something new or create something. This is the perfect time to explore your potential!

2. Boost your immune system

There are many supplements on the market that can help you give that extra something to your immune system, but I prefer to go for something handier with ingredients I already have at home. It’s fun to be able to create your own natural juices that include fruits and vegetables. You can mix them together as you wish. Make sure to include great sources of Vitamin C and D. I personally like to use spinach, celery, kiwi, orange, lemon, ginger, strawberries, apple, mango, papaya, kale, berries and carrots. I create a great variety of combinations with each ingredient and add a little bit of honey to add that nice sweet taste to my juices.

Be sure to create and experience new flavors with your delicious juices, as well as adding to all your meals a large portion of fruits and vegetables. You should also get great sources of protein and carbohydrates. Eating well and giving your body all the vitamins it needs will keep you happier and more energetic throughout the day.

3. Add positive elements to your home

After taking care of your mental health and providing the necessary vitamins to your body, it is time to give that extra touch to your home! Since we are all spending more time in our homes, it’s time for you to enjoy your space and make it cozier.

To make you feel more comfortable at home I advise using essential oils to clean or use them in a diffuser. I like lemon, lavender, cinnamon, and orange essential oils. These give a delicious smell to your home and also create an environment full of energy and positivity.

Now that we have a little more time at home, it would be good to start organizing your closet, or that storage room! Having a clean, organized space can help reduce your stress levels.

You can also get to work on personal projects. Create your own space to read or do a meditation room. You could also paint a wall and make the design out of the ordinary. Redecorating something inside your house can also be a very comforting project and will keep you occupied.

Another way to add positive elements to your home is to constantly play music, whatever your favorite genre is. You can enjoy an afternoon with a tea or coffee while listening to music and simply admiring the sunset or a rainy day. This generates a feeling of peace and well-being.

Last but not least

Finally, make time to help those you can help, become a better person, and reflect. How can we improve? How can we be better people? Better humans? This pandemic is a lesson in how we should improve, so take the opportunity to write down your best ideas and play your part so that we can improve and live in a better world.

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Isabella Caprario is Marketing Team Lead and does Content Marketing at Porch. She has an International MBA, and her hobbies are reading, writing, and music.