Knock Out Stress With These Wellness Ideas for Busy Moms

Knock Out Stress With These Wellness Ideas for Busy Moms

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Who says balancing work and parenting is a cakewalk?

There are no days off for all moms. Even while feeling exhausted, burned out, or physically unwell, they still need to fulfill their roles and be a source of warmth and comfort for their children. Imagine just how tough and draining that can be! Not to mention, moms are always at the receiving end of never-ending criticisms and unsolicited opinions from relatives, friends, colleagues, and worse—strangers.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, PTSD, depression, and anxiety are among the most common mental health problems that moms and moms-to-be experience. Moms aged 21 and below risk higher chances of developing postpartum depression. It doesn’t help that the pandemic has caused an all-time surge in more serious issues related to the psychological well-being of various families worldwide.

It is for this reason that moms need to have time to recharge, to relieve stress, to be themselves again.

What are some effective ways for moms to unwind after a long day?

Below are wellness tips for every hardworking mom out there who deserve a much-needed break.

1. Write it out

Writing in your diary or journal can be therapeutic. It is an effective way to express your thoughts and emotions while still maintaining your privacy. The best part about writing in a journal or diary is that it is freeform. There are no rules. You can use a guide for journaling, but you still have the freedom to tweak and customize it based on your preferences.

You can write about your daily experiences, keep track of your schedule, note important events and appointments, or express your emotions at the moment. Writing also serves as a form of brain-boosting activity that you can easily fit into your hectic routine.

Here’s another excellent way to make the most of your diary: Create multiple personalized bucket lists to stay inspired and motivated to reach your goals. Often, when moms allot the majority of their time looking after their family, they tend to neglect their aspirations in the process. List all the milestones and activities you want to achieve and try in the future. It will serve as your reminder of how important it is to not lose your identity even after entering motherhood.

2. Let loose

Given that moms are mostly in-charge of keeping everything in order at home, it is only suitable for them to de-stress by allowing themselves to be silly and break out of their perfect shell once in a while. Set up a day at home where you and your kids can be as silly as you can be. These days, people upload funny videos of themselves on TikTok or YouTube. Why not try some dance trends and share them with your friends? Feeling camera shy? How about playing your favorite song in your room and dancing to it like nobody is watching? Belt out your favorite lyrics and unleash your inner rockstar.

Visit new places or try something exciting that you’ve never experienced before, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, or parasailing. Ditch the cooking and order takeout. Play video games or board games with your family.

3. Indulge in a relaxing massage

Enumerating each of the massage benefits for mothers’ mental health would yield a never-ending blog. A day spent in the spa is enough to lift all of the stressful thoughts and events weighing you down. Also, with all the heavy lifting you do in both the literal and figurative sense, you need to release all the tension in your body and muscles from time to time.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, sore arms and legs, or migraine, a nice massage never fails to do the trick. Book a ladies-only spa weekend with your friends. Otherwise, schedule an intimate massage appointment with your spouse. Not only will you unburden yourself from physical and psychological distress, but you also strike the opportunity to spend an intimate moment with your beau.

4. Establish ‘time out’ signals at home

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by everything going on at home, express it with your partner or relatives. Agree on a signal to use to indicate that you need to take a break. It is crucial to discuss this openly with your partner or family and clarify whenever there are specific situations that could trigger your need for a time out. Talking about the need to take a moment away from rearing the kids and homemaking helps your family to recognize your limitations and understand how they can contribute to easing the discomfort you are going through.

5. Form a support group outside your family

Mothers are known to be sounding boards for different circles in their lives. They guide their children, listen in on their friends, and even partake in providing hardcore life advice to some relatives. The question is, who will be there for them when they need a shoulder to lean on? Your support group can be your close friends or fellow mothers in your area. The idea is to build a safe space where you can express yourself without judgment.

Self-care is a core aspect of healthy and effective parenting. For mothers, lack of sleep and rest prove detrimental to their overall well-being. Consequently, their exhaustion is unintentionally carried out into their parenting practices and behavior. Whereas, happy and well-rested moms are less likely to undergo extreme emotional and psychological distress. Hence, they can focus on their child better and exercise proactive habits that benefit both their children and themselves.

Regi Publico is a writer based in Manila. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.