Aug 02 2019
Health & Wellness

Occupational Therapy: Understanding the Specialt

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a chance you’ve heard of physical therapy before. The common practice is primarily focused on movement, helping patients regain or… read more

Aug 02 2019
Working Parent

Leverage Your Voice to Build Your Business ̵

Reading Time: 4 minutes For many business owners in the health and wellness industry, sales and marketing do not come naturally. These are necessary evils,… read more

Aug 01 2019
Health & Wellness

Could That Be Lyme Disease? Symptoms and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the hot summer months pass by, there’s a chance you’re spending more time outside, perhaps by vegetation and in wooded… read more

Jul 31 2019
Fitness & Nutrition

7 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Water

Reading Time: 3 minutes It might not be your favorite thing to drink, but water is extremely essential for your body to function properly. About… read more

Jul 30 2019
Health & Wellness

Music Therapy: Understanding the Specialty

Reading Time: 4 minutes The profession of music therapy, as it is known today, began after World War I and World War II, when veterans… read more

Jul 29 2019
Health & Wellness

Everything You Need to Know About Doulas

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re expecting a baby any time soon, you may be apprehensive about the birthing process. Imagine if there was someone… read more