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David Anderson
Memphis, TN | Oct 3, 2018
1st Connection

Review for

Dr. Janis Rogers, Pediatrician

Location: Memphis, TN

I took my son Joey to see Dr. Rogers for his annual checkup before he starts kindergarten. Dr. Rogers had a friendly staff with separate sections for kids who were sick versus ones who were there for a follow up appointment or annual physical. Nurse Rachel was awesome as she immediately made Joey feel comfortable as she took his vitals. The doctor was prompt in showing up. Also very friendly with Joey. This was going to be Joey’s new Paediatrician as we just moved to Memphis 5 weeks ago. I’m glad we found him so quickly and he is too reliable. The scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers at the end were a big hit with Joey…

Tina Barnes
Raleigh, NC | Nov 3, 2018
2nd Connection

Review for

Tony Porter, Chiropractor

Location: Cary, NC

I had been having this weird ache in my lower back for almost a month. It would go away for a few days and then come back. I finally decided to find a good chiropractor to sort me out. Tony’s profile and reviews made him stand out. When I arrived, I spent about five to eight minutes filling out the new patient info, but then only had to wait a minute or two to be seen. He asked me questions and really listened to my answers. That was refreshing! Then he explained what I should expect and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. I’ve been to a chiropractor before but haven’t ever felt this cared for. I highly recommend Tony for back pain…

Martin Gomez
Austin, TX | Oct 30, 2018
1st Connection

Review for

Dr. Mary Enoch, Dermatologist

Location: Austin, TN

I noticed this rash forming after I returned from a trip in the Northwest. It spread up my arm and back upper shoulder. I thought it was poison ivy at first and put some ointment on. It wasn’t helping. Some red rashes also occurred and it was very itchy sometimes. I tried changing other ointment. It was getting worse. Dr. Enoch took all my fears away when she suggested I pick up a topical cream. And sure enough in 24 hours it was better and the redness was fading. She really knows her stuff. My first time at a dermatologist — actually my first time ever using a FSA card. Pretty handy! Got skin issues, go see Dr. Enoch…

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Oz Merchant, Founder and CEO of Wellistic

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